The imporance of branding for a new business

Branding is a key part of any businesses development and unfortunately it is also an area that many small businesses overlook.  They either ignore the concept of branding completely, assume that it is only something that big business get involved in or, they try and do it on the cheap, without any real thought about the implications.

When you first start a business your branding is all about giving your customers a clear image that they can associate with.  As your business progresses then you can  work on customer perceptions of this image and attempt to establishing your brand so that it is instantly recognisable.  In the first instance however, it is important that your branding compliments the market that you are aiming for, and meets the expectations of your target customer.  When your branding does not meet expectations then your sales suffer.

We all make value judgements about products and services based upon the way that they are promoted to us.  Even at its simplest, choosing the right colour for your brand can have an impact on the way that it is perceived.  A gym with a pink logo is not likely to attract many men interested in weight training but, pink is a complimentary colour for a ladies gym. 

Article continues below outline details of our brand logo design and branding packages.

Brand logo design - Prices start from £75

If your looking of a brand logo that is unique and professional then we can help. We have been working with small businesses for over 10 years providing brand logos, branded stationery and websites. If you want to stand out from the competition then give us a call - 0191 565 0522

Brand on a budget - £300

You may be on a budget but customers will think you have spent thousands by the time we have finished with branding your business! 

This brand image design package bags your business a brand logo, stationery and 2 page website, domain registration and email services.  This package is perfect for the small business that wants to brand but doesn’t have the time or the content to put together a comprehensive website. 

Brand on a booster - £600

No slowing this brand image down!  Put the pedal to the metal with everything you need for a great brand image including a website with up to 10 pages of content. You will have two unique ideas to choose from based around the brand logo and colours that we create for you.  The site will include our news and newsletter tool that allows you to add news items to your site and send out branded newsletters to your customers

Brand with a basket - £750

E-commerce heaven! Professional brand image, professional website, ability to sell online with a fully functional shopping cart. All designed the way you want it.

This package includes the development of your brand logo, stationery and website and the integration of our simple to use ecommerce software. You can be online and selling with a professional website in less than a month

Correctly branding your businesses means ensuring that you have a uniform image that meets the expectations of your customers.  This sometimes dictates the type of brand image that you have to create because of those expectations.  Your wouldn’t expect a solicitors brand image to contain cartoon characters or, a children’s nursery to look conservative.   One needs to establish that it is reliable and trustworthy while the other is supposed to be a place where children have fun.

The key is the impression that your branding leaves upon your potential customer.  If the impression is positive then the chances of them using your produce or service increases.   Your branding is communicating a message about your business and if you get the message right then your target customers will respond.  First impressions really do count, so spending some time and effort on ensuring that your business makes the right first impression, will be a key factor in helping your business succeed.

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