Branding Design Package - Brand on a Budget

A brand logo design, website, stationery and more. Pay for this branding package in three payments over two months. Total Price is £300.

Don’t let the word budget fool you because this package is going to give you a real leg up in the brand image department especially when you compare your brand logo design to many of your competitors. 

The Branding Package includes (More detail below):

        • Brand logo design – 3 unique concepts with an additional 3 more if required

        • Brand stationery design – Letterhead, Business Card and Compliment Slip design

        • Website – Two page web presence site

        • Domain name – registration of a or .com domain name

        • Email services – setup of multiple email accounts and support

The fact that you are actually thinking professional brand identity means you are already one step ahead on the route to success.  We will help put your firmly on the right path with money left over to help market your business.   The great news is that if you want to upgrade to any of our other business branding packages in future all you have to do is pay the difference with a small increase in your monthly hosting fee.All examples of brand logo design and brand identity on this page have paid no more than the package price, there are no hidden costs. Our design team are talented and experienced meaning that they we can provide unique, professional and bespoke work in days not weeks. Initial concepts for your brand logo are sent within 3 working days of your order. Timescale? Brand on a Budget package usually taking 2 weeks to complete although time will vary depending on how quickly you want to progress.   

Your branding package includes all of the following

Brand logo design

The most essential part of your brand identity because the logo plays a major part in dictating the look and feel of your brand image.  After discussion and preparation of a brief we will prepare 3 unique concepts and then make changes as required until you are happy. If our initial concepts don’t hit the mark then, with your feedback, we will produce additional concepts.  We do not limit redraws or changes because we want your brand image to be right.

Brand stationery design – Letterhead, Business Card and Compliment Slip design

Once you have a professional brand logo we will create a stationery set that builds upon the colours and style of your logo. Stationery branding includes letterhead design, compliment slip design and business card design. All your work is provided in a print ready format and we can liase with your selected printer if required.

Website – a two page web presence site

If you want a full website with up to 10 pages of content then you should check out our brand on a booster package.

If you don't think that the internet will play a key part in your branding strategy then your brand on a budget package gives you a "web presence".  A simple two page website that gives an overview of your company and a page with contact details and a contact form.   You can always upgrade to our full branding package at a later date if you want to by paying the difference.

Domain name – registration of a or .com domain name

We register a or .com domain name on your behalf (and in your company name) or alternatively we arrange for your domain name to be moved to our hosting server so that we can set up email services.

Email services – setup of multiple email accounts and support

Easy when you know how but an absolute nightmare if you don't know where to start! We talk you through the set up of as many email accounts as you like so that you can send and receive emails. If you move office or employ more staff just give us a call.

Peace of mind

We consistently deliver professional brand images and we are fully focused on providing great customer service. Our business has always been about making your business look great and we have been helping companies develop their brand image throughout the UK for nearly 10 years. We provide peace of mind because when you work with us you know you are in the hands of professionals. 

Can I really get a professional brand image for my company at this price?

Absolutely yes!  We know our pricing is super competitive and we also know that other Branding Companies are charging far more for similar services plus they don’t even reach our standard of work.  We have to work harder than other agencies and do more projects however that is the way we like it.  We have an expertise that has been developed over time that means we can work quickly , effectively and we can deliver results.   Just because a company charges a lot of money doesn’t mean that what they do is any better.  Our work of course is proof of this!


Why do you think branding is so important?

Brand image is about perception.   We want your brand image to give potential customers the right visual impression of your business because we want them to begin building trust. We are surrounded by professional looking brands on a daily basis that we have come to trust.  A brand gives reassurance of a positive experience.  If your business looks professional it is already promising the positive experience.

In a nut shell, a great brand image makes you feel more confident about doing business but more importantly it makes customers more confident about dealing with you.

Brand logo design - Prices start from £75

If your looking of a brand logo that is unique and professional then we can help. We have been working with small businesses for over 10 years providing brand logos, branded stationery and websites. If you want to stand out from the competition then give us a call - 0191 565 0522

Brand on a budget - £300

You may be on a budget but customers will think you have spent thousands by the time we have finished with branding your business! 

This brand image design package bags your business a brand logo, stationery and 2 page website, domain registration and email services.  This package is perfect for the small business that wants to brand but doesn’t have the time or the content to put together a comprehensive website. 

Brand on a booster - £600

No slowing this brand image down!  Put the pedal to the metal with everything you need for a great brand image including a website with up to 10 pages of content. You will have two unique ideas to choose from based around the brand logo and colours that we create for you.  The site will include our news and newsletter tool that allows you to add news items to your site and send out branded newsletters to your customers

Brand with a basket - £750

E-commerce heaven! Professional brand image, professional website, ability to sell online with a fully functional shopping cart. All designed the way you want it.

This package includes the development of your brand logo, stationery and website and the integration of our simple to use ecommerce software. You can be online and selling with a professional website in less than a month