Choosing a brand name for your business or product

You may already have decided on a brand name for your new business but if not, take a step back as the right brand name can make a real difference. The following article has been written by StartUpBranding in an effort to help you choose a business name or brand name. We are available to offer further advice and support if you wish and of course we can provide you with a professional brand image.

Choosing the right brand name is a key part of your company branding strategy and you will be stuck with it for years to come so a little extra thought and effort in the early stages really can pay dividends.

Don't be a BLAND business be a BRAND business

Countless businesses start every year using nothing more sophisticated than the initials of the partners or children.  No reason why these businesses cannot be successful but how much more successful could they have been with a great brand name and identity?   PBM Electrical, RN Services, JSP Foods don’t really have the same impact, they sound generic, they look generic and they break the first law of naming a business.... make it memorable.  You only get one chance to name a business so make the most of this opportunity because the right name can make a real difference. When that difference can mean more sales, more customers and more word of mouth then the time you spend naming your company or brand will be rewarded later.

Before we cover some techniques and concepts that you can use to help you generate a name for your business we should first look at a few basic laws/guidelines you should follow. At some stage we hope you will have a list of names to choose from, these are the criteria that you will want to check them against.

The first law of naming a business or brand - Make it memorable

It sounds obvious, but coming up with a memorable name is actually one of the toughest hurdles especially if you are trying to obtain a domain name that replicates your chosen name. Try and keep the name short, to the point and unique to the market that you will be targeting. Test your name out on friends and family or better still your target market.

This aside actually coming up with a brand name for your business or product can be difficult so here are a few tips.

  1. Create a new name

Google the most recognised search engine in the world created their name based upon a misspelling of the word "googol", (Googol is the number 1 followed by one-hundred zeros) .  If you create a new and unique name you will find it far easier to protect your brand and it will also be far easier for customers to find you on the search engines.

  1. Choose a name in everyday use

    Take a word that has a positive meaning in every day use and that says something about the product or service that you intend to supply. “Rapid” for example  – Rapid Transport, Rapid Construction, Rapid Design. 

    The use of the right word can compliment your brand name if it can be positively associated with your business.   No point calling yourself Rapid Transport however if you average delivery time is twice that of the competition.

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  1. Create a new names
  2. Rhyming can make your brand name easier to remember and this in turn can help build brand awareness as customers are far more likely to communicate your brand name to their friends and associates. Consider the business, product or service that you are branding and then list the key products and services you supply. Very Cherry (an icecream)

    You can of course take this a stage further and use rhyming for your strap line. A study undertaken by Princetown University found that people are actually more willing to trust in a slogan that rhymes. Now if you can rhyme your company name and your company strap line you have a powerful combination that is memorable and also invokes trust!

    This all may sound a bit cheesy but sometimes being memorable can make the difference.

  3. Alliteration
  4. Similar in a way to rhyming is Alliteration. Essentially using the same letters from the start of each word. This is usually the first, second and third letters although any combination that works will do. Corton Computers, Starlight Standard, Expert Express. Again try to focus on a key aspect of the product or service that you are branding.

  5. What it says on the tin

    Naming your business after your service or geographical area. Although not inspired this can make your branding more memorable and is also useful when you are optimising your site for search engines. Newcastle Plumbing, Business Branding, Leeds Express Couriers, Liverpool Office Supplies.

The most important thing however is that you are comfortable with what ever name you choose for your brand or product after all you’re the one who will have to live with it!

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