Brand logo design - Prices start from £75

If your looking of a brand logo that is unique and professional then we can help. We have been working with small businesses for over 10 years providing brand logos, branded stationery and websites. If you want to stand out from the competition then give us a call - 0191 565 0522

Brand on a budget - £300

You may be on a budget but customers will think you have spent thousands by the time we have finished with branding your business! 

This brand image design package bags your business a brand logo, stationery and 2 page website, domain registration and email services.  This package is perfect for the small business that wants to brand but doesn’t have the time or the content to put together a comprehensive website. 

Brand on a booster - £600

No slowing this brand image down!  Put the pedal to the metal with everything you need for a great brand image including a website with up to 10 pages of content. You will have two unique ideas to choose from based around the brand logo and colours that we create for you.  The site will include our news and newsletter tool that allows you to add news items to your site and send out branded newsletters to your customers

Brand with a basket - £750

E-commerce heaven! Professional brand image, professional website, ability to sell online with a fully functional shopping cart. All designed the way you want it.

This package includes the development of your brand logo, stationery and website and the integration of our simple to use ecommerce software. You can be online and selling with a professional website in less than a month

Brand logo design and Branding packages

Having a brand logo designed and used to help develop your brand identity, can make a real difference to the future success of your business.  We can help you get it right without breaking the bank because branding your business doesn’t need to be expensive.

Start Up Branding provides packages that include brand logo design for companies all over the UK and we have helped hundreds of UK businesses develop a professional identity from brand logo through to branded stationery and websites. From advice on branding through to a full design service, we can help point you in the right direction.  As you can see from our work, we are good at what we do and we deliver professional brand logo design and branding packages time after time.  What this means for your business is a quality design service at a cost that few companies can match.

Branding - Are you sending out the right message?

If you want to be taken seriously in business, it is important to communicate the right messages.  Customers are constantly evaluating the way you look, what you are saying, and the way in which you are saying it.  Our job will be to ensure that your business communicates a professional image that gives you credibility.  The right brand logo and identity will help you attract and retain customers and will help you to grow your business. We love to hear from potential customers (who doesn’t!) so please call or send an enquiry today.  A branding consultant is ready to give advice on choosing a business/company name, brand logo design, developing a brand image or just to bounce ideas off.

Start Up Branding is a website run by 3k design, a design agency that specialises in working with small and start up businesses.  Based in the North East of England and we are a 100% UK based brand design company, all our work is bespoke and based upon client briefs, we do not use template sites or recycle other peoples work.  All of our brand logo design ideas are based upon consultation between client and designer.

Our mission: To contribute to the success of small and start up businesses within the UK by helping them to develop a professional brand image at the same time as giving them a greater understanding of how branding can make a real difference to their profitability.


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